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Fabulicious - Always in the Spotlight

Fabulicious by PleaserAlluring, classy and dazzling. FABULICIOUS brings teen prom and special occasion footwear to a new level of choice and sophistication with an exquisite assortment of styles and constructions. Featuring shoes for practically any occasion, FABULICIOUS shoes are made for a night on the town, fancy balls, weddings and other special events. FABULICIOUS shoes embrace a diverse range of themes including evening, boudoir, party, prom, bridal, pageantry, pole fitness and cocktail waitressing. Ranging from simple to refined styles, each FABULICIOUS shoe possesses a sassy, timeless allure, whether a sexy single sole, a lovely mini wedge, a flirty stiletto sandal or a chic mini platform. Sparkling rhinestone detailing, luxurious fabrics, glimmering glitter, and vibrant colors are represented in this line, uniting glitz and glamour with any outfit for effortless, timeless beauty. Whatever the occasion, FABULICIOUS shoes will compliment a wearer's natural beauty and allow her to exude confidence.

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Pleaser CELESTE-09
Pleaser GALA-09
Pleaser SELENE-24
Pleaser FLAIR-413
Pleaser AMOUR-03
Pleaser AMUSE-2012
Pleaser AMUSE-2020
Pleaser AMUSE-20G
Pleaser AMUSE-56
Pleaser AUDREY-03
Pleaser AUDREY-05
Pleaser BELLA-26
Pleaser BELLA-28
Pleaser BELLE-301
Pleaser BELLE-301F
Pleaser BELLE-301RS
Pleaser BELLE-308
Pleaser BELLE-309
Pleaser BELLE-309G
Pleaser BELLE-315
Pleaser BELLE-316
Pleaser BELLE-322
Pleaser BELLE-330RS
Pleaser BELLE-350
Pleaser BELLE-362
Pleaser BELLE-368
Pleaser BELLE-371
Pleaser BELLE-381G
Pleaser CARESS-401
Pleaser CARESS-401F
Pleaser CARESS-408
Pleaser CARESS-408MG
Pleaser CARESS-408MMG
Pleaser CARESS-412
Pleaser CARESS-416
Pleaser CARESS-439
Pleaser CARESS-450
Pleaser CARESS-456
Pleaser CHIC-01
Pleaser CHIC-06
Pleaser CHIC-07
Pleaser CHIC-08
Pleaser CHIC-08DM
Pleaser CHIC-18
Pleaser CHIC-26
Pleaser CHIC-40
Pleaser CHIC-60
Pleaser CLEARLY-401
Pleaser CLEARLY-401R
Pleaser CLEARLY-406
Pleaser CLEARLY-408
Pleaser CLEARLY-408MG
Pleaser CLEARLY-420
Pleaser CLEARLY-426
Pleaser CLEARLY-430
Pleaser CLEARLY-430RS
Pleaser COCKTAIL-501
Pleaser COCKTAIL-501DM
Pleaser COCKTAIL-501L
Pleaser COCKTAIL-508
Pleaser COCKTAIL-508MG
Pleaser COCKTAIL-509
Pleaser COCKTAIL-526
Pleaser COCKTAIL-556
Pleaser COCKTAIL-568
Pleaser COVET-02
Pleaser COVET-03
Pleaser DESTINY-06R
Pleaser DORIS-06
Pleaser ELEGANT-401
Pleaser ELEGANT-408
Pleaser ELEGANT-409
Pleaser FELICITY-20
Pleaser FLAIR-401
Pleaser FLAIR-401-2
Pleaser FLAIR-401F
Pleaser FLAIR-401MG
Pleaser FLAIR-402
Pleaser FLAIR-408
Pleaser FLAIR-408DM
Pleaser FLAIR-408MG
Pleaser FLAIR-409
Pleaser FLAIR-420
Pleaser FLAIR-436
Pleaser FLAIR-456
Pleaser FLAIR-457
Pleaser FLAIR-458
Pleaser FLAIR-474
Pleaser FLAIR-480
Pleaser GALA-01
Pleaser GALA-01S
Pleaser GALA-01SD
Pleaser GALA-02
Pleaser GALA-02L
Pleaser GALA-06
Pleaser GALA-07
Pleaser GALA-08
Pleaser GALA-08DM
Pleaser GALA-08MG
Pleaser GALA-08MMG
Pleaser GALA-08SD
Pleaser GALA-19
Pleaser GALA-32
Pleaser GALA-41
Pleaser GLITZY-501-8
Pleaser HEIRESS-22R
Pleaser IRIS-401
Pleaser IRIS-408
Pleaser IRIS-416
Pleaser LIP-101
Pleaser LIP-101-2
Pleaser LIP-101-8
Pleaser LIP-101DM
Pleaser LIP-101LS
Pleaser LIP-101MG
Pleaser LIP-101MMG
Pleaser LIP-101R
Pleaser LIP-101SDT
Pleaser LIP-102
Pleaser LIP-102-1
Pleaser LIP-102-2
Pleaser LIP-102MG
Pleaser LIP-102MMG
Pleaser LIP-102RS
Pleaser LIP-106
Pleaser LIP-107
Pleaser LIP-108
Pleaser LIP-108DM
Pleaser LIP-108MG
Pleaser LIP-108MMG
Pleaser LIP-108R
Pleaser LIP-108RS
Pleaser LIP-108SD
Pleaser LIP-108SDT
Pleaser LIP-109
Pleaser LIP-113
Pleaser LIP-114
Pleaser LIP-117
Pleaser LIP-118
Pleaser LIP-125
Pleaser LIP-131
Pleaser LIP-133
Pleaser LIP-142
Pleaser LIP-149
Pleaser LIP-150
Pleaser LIP-156
Pleaser LIP-182
Pleaser LIP-183
Pleaser LOLITA-08
Pleaser LOLITA-32
Pleaser LOVELY-401
Pleaser LOVELY-401RS
Pleaser LOVELY-406
Pleaser LOVELY-408
Pleaser LOVELY-420RS
Pleaser LOVELY-430RS
Pleaser LOVELY-450
Pleaser LUCY-01
Pleaser LUMINA-23
Pleaser LUMINA-25
Pleaser LUMINA-29
Pleaser LUMINA-32
Pleaser POISE-501
Pleaser POISE-501F
Pleaser POISE-501FUR
Pleaser POISE-502R
Pleaser POISE-508
Pleaser POISE-508MG
Pleaser ROMANCE-301
Pleaser ROMANCE-301-2
Pleaser ROMANCE-308R
Pleaser ROMANCE-313
Pleaser ROMANCE-372
Pleaser SEXY-1008
Pleaser TREAT-06


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Fabulicious by Pleaser
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